Eduardo Dalcin

Title/Affiliation: Doctor, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, Brazil
Topic:Big Data and Biodiversity Conservation: Myths and Truths

Eduardo Dalcin started his professional career in 1983 at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, as a Biology student, working in different projects, associating his computing skills with the demand of biodiversity information management. In 1996, he achieved the position of Research Director. In 2000, working at a Kew Garden's project in the Northeast of Brazil, he started the Ph.D. at Southampton University, UK, in Biodiversity Informatics, where he applied his 15 years of experience handling biodiversity data to propose data quality approaches to taxonomic databases. After a short period at the National Amazon Research Institute, he returned to Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden to coordinate the sector of Scientific Computing and Geoprocessing. Nowadays, he has interests in the biodiversity information delivery for decision-making.

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