Parallel Session 1 Big Data in Support of Food Security and Poverty Alleviation April 27, 19:00—20:20(UTC+8)

"Eradicating poverty” and "No hunger” are the primary goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and humankind’s common aspiration. Sustainable food production effectively addresses global challenges, such as climate change and land degradation as well as the prerequisites for poverty eradication, as the basis for achieving food security. International cooperation is an important means for achieving the goal of global zero hunger. Tracking, monitoring, and evaluating the sustainability of food production and its temporal and spatial changes is an important means of addressing the problem of poverty. Currently, there is a data gap in the monitoring and evaluation of food production and a lack of global poverty assessment and attribution. Relying on big data, conducting the cross-integration of multidisciplinary models, and condensing multidisciplinary data is an important way to form comprehensive solutions around sustainable food production, ensure food security, and achieve poverty reduction in multiple fields and at multiple levels.

Co-Chairs:Prof. Wu Bingfang,   Prof. Liu Yansui 

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