Parallel Session 2 Big Data in Support of Digital Economy: Policies,Experiences and Challenges April 27, 19:00—20:20(UTC+8)

In the future, the digital economy will be the engine of global economic growth and a new economic form, following the agricultural and industrial economies. It is based on information technology and industry and considers data as the key production factor, the network as the carrier, and the application of information technology as the key driving force. The development and utilization of big data as a new data source will infuse new vitality into the digital economy. The development of a digital economy and its deep integration with the real economy will promote the industrialization of digital science and technology and the digitization of industry, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and usher the human economy and society into a new stage of economic development.

Co-Chairs:Prof. Gong Ke,Prof. Virgilio Almeida

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