Parallel Session 5 Big Data in Support of Biodiversity Conservation April 27, 19:00—20:20 (UTC+8)

Biodiversity is an inseparable material basis for human social and economic development, and big data provides an important channel for a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity. Massive species distribution data bolsters biodiversity conservation and research, significantly advancing research on biodiversity conservation planning, the response of biodiversity to global ecosystem changes, the form of large-scale biodiversity patterns, and the forecast of alien species invasion, etc. Currently, significant progress has been made in the use of big data to draw biodiversity maps as well as to combine niche models and artificial intelligence models to identify species. In the future, it will investigate the establishment of a sound scientific data exchange and sharing system and promote the output of key biodiversity achievements within the paradigm of big data scientific research to better serve biodiversity conservation.

Co-Chairs:Prof. Ma Keping,   Prof. Richard Corlett

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