Xu Honghe

Title/Affiliation: Professor, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Topic:Data-Driven Study on Geo-Biodiversity and Evolution

Xu Honghe is also a representative of Asia of the International Organization of Palaeobotany, Secretary General of Palaeobotany Branch, Paleontological Society of China, Director of scientific Data Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Distinguished Professor of International Research Center for Big Data for Sustainable Development. His research work includes early terrestrial plant evolution, biostratigraphy, palaeogeography and paleoenvironment reconstruction, and paleontology and stratigraphy data mining and quantitative analysis. He has published over 100 papers with important international influence. In addition to the basic scientific research work, he has not forgotten national and social responsibilities, and carried out science communication work by practice, which has produced a good social influence.

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