Parallel Session 4 Big Data in Support of Climate Actions and Disaster Reduction April 27, 19:00—20:20(UTC+8)

Climate change is a long-term problem that mankind will have to confront. For the impacts caused by climate change, particularly extreme weather and climate events, how to accurately monitor extreme climate events and disasters, monitor and evaluate disaster processes in real time, and provide strong data and scientific support for climate change response and disaster prevention and control has become a major scientific question that must be addressed urgently. The majority of existing research on relevant disaster indicators is limited by the lack of spatial data and multilevel analysis, making it difficult to form guidance and early warning for disaster risk reduction. Big data is conducive to reducing the uncertainty of research and evaluation results and can meet the urgent needs of scientific data to conduct climate change and disaster risk research with a high degree of synergy and integration. It can effectively monitor climate extremes and disasters on a large scale, mitigate climate change threats, and provide decision support for improving human adaptive capacity.

Co-Chairs:Prof. Jia Gensuo,   Dr. Sara Venturini

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